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Our items are created by contemporary computerized equipment and equipment. We will provide very best services and substantial quality merchandise with all sincerity. EPG has set up a complete set of good quality administration technique which is supplied with innovative inspection and examination gear. single shaft Coulter Mixer EPT for FerEPTzer Powder

Inquiries for Consumer:
Make sure you response under concerns and send out solutions to electronic mail, and then we will deliver you supply as quickly as attainable.

1, What components do you mix? (Names of uncooked components?)
2, What is the EPT fineness (or particle measurement)? (mesh, mm)
3, What is the bulk density (or distinct gravity) of combined resources? (kg/liter, kg/m3)
4, How several kgs or liters to be combined per batch?
5, What is the distance from bottom discharge outlet to ground? (cm, mm, m)
six, What design supplies do you demand? (Please select under selection)
A, all building resources moderate steel
B, speak to parts stainless metal, non-get in touch with areas gentle metal
C, all development components stainless metal

one Working basic principle:
CMPS collection Plough Shear Coulter Mixer is comprised of horizontal cylinder-formed trough, solitary shafts with plough shear agitators, high pace choppers, prime cover with opening(s), assistance body and EPT device. The plough shear agitators rotate to EPT resources transfer radilly higher pace choppers scatter the components so materials are mixed nicely by rotation of plough shear agitators and higher velocity choppers.

two Efficiency amp characteristics:
two.01 EPT: stainless steel 304 / 316L or mild steel Q235
two.02 Surface area treatment: paint (delicate metal), polish/sandblasting (stainless metal)
two.03 Plough agitators amp choppers: quantities rely on mixer size
two.04 Mixer tank: horizontal, cylindrical tank
2.05 Shaft: horizontal, hollow, integral solitary shaft
2.06 MiXiHu (West Lake) time: five-30minutes
2.07 Doing work design: batch miXiHu (West Lake)
two.08 Speed EPT: cycloid EPT
2.09 Rotation speed: fixed pace
2.10 Principal shaft seal: (Teflon) stuffing seal or air purge seal
two.eleven Openings: feeding inlet, manhole, and inspection amp connection port
two.12 Discharge valve: pneumatic or guide flap discharge valve
two.13 Working issue: NPT (standard stress and temperature)
two.14 Not hefty duty: mixer can not be started out with loading supplies
two.fifteen EPT offer: 220V 50HZ solitary section/ 380V 50HZ three stage
two.16 Non ex-proof electronics (motor, digital aspects, management cabinet)

3 Optional characteristics:
The pursuing optional attributes are accessible: use-resistant and anti-corrosion supplies, surface treatment method continuous miXiHu (West Lake) EPT box EPT changeable pace mechanical seal customized openings and discharge valves temperature control pressure prerequisite weighty-responsibility configuration motors, electronic factors, digital control panel are tailored to distinct EPT and ex-evidence requirements ligEPT EPT sampling device liquid spraying unit scrappers and so forth.

four EPT specs:

Working volume
Rotation pace
CMPS-fifty 20-30 eighty 1.1 1400 times580 times650 three hundred
CMPS-a hundred forty-60 80 2.2 1600 times680 times800 400
CMPS -three hundred 120-180 80 4 2000 times800 times1100 700
CMPS -five hundred two hundred-300 eighty 5.five 2600 times1000 times1200 950
CMPS -one thousand 400-600 eighty 11 3000 times1250 times1300 1650
CMPS -2000 800-1200 60 eighteen.fifty five 3600 times1500 times1700 2200
CMPS -3000 1200-1800 60 22 4000 times1600 times1800 3200
CMPS -4000 1600-2400 60 thirty 4500 times1600 times2000 4500
CMPS -5000 2000-3000 40 37 4700 times1800 times2100 5500
CMPS -6000 2400-3600 forty 37 5000 times2000 times2300 6500
CMPS -8000 3200-4800 20 forty five 5300 times2300 times2500 7500
CMPS -ten thousand 4000-6000 20 55 5900 times2300 times2500 9500
CMPS -12000 4800-6000 15 55 6200 times2400 times2600 11000
CMPS -15000 6000-9000 15 75 6400 times2600 times2850 12000
CMPS -20000 8000-12000 12 75 6800 times2700 times3100 13000

five Mixers Album:

six Software Market:

7 Factory Album:

  in Bhopal India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Coulter Mixer Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Bhopal India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Coulter Mixer Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler