Merchandise Description

ZLYJ single-screw plastic extruders gearbox series
Detailed introduction&colon
ZLYJ series gearbox is the high-precision transmission device with hard tooth surface and trust bearing designed for single screw extruder&period The product design adopts various technical codes regulated by JB&solT9050&period1-1999&period of time
Main product features&colon
1&period The gear of gearbox adopts high-strength alloy steel&comma grinded after carburizing and quenching treatment&comma with level 6 precision&period The gear rigidness reaches HRC54-62 and the transmission noise is low&period
2&period Equipped with thrust bearing with high bearing capacity&comma with reliable performance&comma can bear large axial thrust&time period
three&period Equipped with forced lubrication and cooling system except for some small specification product&period of time
4&period ZLYJ series gearbox adopts six-side processing box&comma and can be vertically installed according to the user’s requirement besides traditional horizontal installation&period of time
The gearbox has high transmission efficiency&comma low noise&comma and can guarantee long-term operation&period of time

Kind Spec&period of time Input Power&lparKW&rpar Input Output Output Torque&lparN&periodm&rpar Axial Thrust&lparKN&rpar Screw Diameter Duration-diameter Ratio
ZLYJ 112-8 five&period5 800 a hundred 525 35 ø35 twenty five&colon1
133-8 eight 800 one hundred 764 39 ø50 25&colon1
146-ten 11 one thousand 100 1050 54 ø55 25&colon1
173-ten eighteen&period5 900 90 1962 a hundred and ten ø65 twenty five&colon1
180-10 18&period5 900 ninety 1962 one hundred ten ø65 25&colon1
200-12&period5 thirty 1000 80 3581 a hundred and fifty five ø75 25&colon1
225-twelve&period5 forty five one thousand eighty 5371 one hundred eighty ø90 25&colon1
250-16 fifty five 1120 70 7503 192 ø105 twenty five&colon1
280-sixteen 75 960 sixty 7643 258 ø110 25&colon1
315-16 eighty five 960 sixty 13528 287 ø120 25&colon1
330-16 110 960 sixty 17507 360 ø135 twenty five&colon1
375-sixteen 132 960 sixty 21008 390 ø150 twenty five&colon1
395-16 185 960 sixty 29442 four hundred ø160 twenty five&colon1
420-sixteen one hundred sixty&sol220 960 60 31831 430 ø160 ø170
450-20 213 a thousand sixty 40640 500 ø180 25&colon1
560-20 440 1000 fifty 84034 seven hundred ø200 twenty five&colon1
630-20 540 1000 fifty 15712 770 ø250 twenty five&colon1
ZSYJ 450-32 two hundred 1500 47 4 0571 five hundred ø165 twenty five&colon1
560-fifty seven 220 1500 26 80802 seven hundred ø190 25&colon1
630-forty four 315 1500 34 88471 770 ø200 twenty five&colon1

Gear reducers, also known as reducers, arrive in a number of transmission types and are made to multiply torque and reduce input speed to a sought after output velocity. The primary reward of inline gearboxes is their capacity to keep manage in purposes involving high rotational speeds. Their performance and ability to offer large input speeds with small backlash make inline reducer gearboxes perfect for a extensive variety of motion manage apps
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