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GMRV Series Worm CZPT reducers

Item characteristics of GMRV worm gearbox


1. GMRV sequence CZPT box adopt aluminium alloy or solid iron sq. housing, modest size and classy physical appearance.

two. It is versatile and hassle-free to install,continual working,efficent radiator,lower sound,substantial carrying ability.

3. The items have been broadly utilized for equipment gear, this sort of as  chemical, plating, ceramic, pharmaceutical, leather-based, foods,beverage,and many others.


+Enter sort: flange input, motor input, shaft input

+Output kind:hollow shaft, solid shaft or output flange

+Resources of speed reducer entire body: CZPT alloy or cast iron

+Resources of worm-wheel: ZCuSn10Pb1

+Sounds of speed reducer: ≤50dB


Designs Rated CZPT Rated Ratio Enter Hole Dia. Input Shaft Dia. Output Gap Dia. Output Shaft Dia. Center Distance
RV571 .06KW~.12KW five~60 Φ9 Φ9 Φ11 Φ11 25mm
RV030 .06KW~.25KW five~eighty Φ9(Φ11) Φ9 Φ14 Φ14 30mm
RV040 .09KW~.55KW 5~a hundred Φ9(Φ11,Φ14) Φ11 Φ18(Φ19) Φ18 40mm
RV050 .12KW~1.5KW 5~100 Φ11(Φ14,Φ19) Φ14 Φ25(Φ24) Φ25 50mm
RV063 .18KW~2.2KW seven.5~one hundred Φ14(Φ19,Φ24) Φ19 Φ25(Φ28) Φ25 63mm
RV075 .25KW~4.0KW 7.5~one hundred Φ14(Φ19,Φ24,Φ28) Φ24 Φ28(Φ35) Φ28 75mm
RV090 .37KW~4.0KW seven.5~100 Φ19(Φ24,Φ28) Φ24 Φ35(Φ38) Φ35 90mm
RV110 .55KW~7.5KW 7.5~one hundred Φ19(Φ24,Φ28,Φ38) Φ28 Φ42 Φ42 110mm
RV130 .75KW~7.5KW seven.5~one hundred Φ24(Φ28,Φ38) Φ30 Φ45 Φ45 130mm
RV150 2.2KW~15KW 7.5~one hundred Φ28(Φ38,Φ42) Φ35 Φ50 Φ50 150mm

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Gearboxes can be utilised in various fields of complete processing, agriculture, chemical processing, oil and gasoline, electricity transmission and distribution programs, logistics, warehousing and other industries. Gear reducers are typically utilized exactly where higher torque and/or reduce rotational speeds are essential, or if electricity needs to be transmitted at alternating angles, this kind of as in correct-angle motors. It can also adjust the direction of rotation, as nicely as clockwise and counterclockwise. EP delivers a total range of gear reducers with right angle worms and substantial performance choices. Electrical Equipment Aluminum goods are a lightweight and sturdy option to present-day cast iron and metal models and can be stocked or custom made to your specific requirements. EP gearboxes are lightweight and sturdy, aluminum worm gearboxes are developed for tight areas, including hard-to-set up OEM styles as effectively as cellular tools. Eccentric reducers are obtainable as compact aluminum or solid iron inline reducers with seal lifestyle scores from 15HP (aluminum) to 40HP (solid iron). In addition to our normal and modified standard items, our engineers will operate with you to layout and develop custom options for numerous travel technologies to match your software needs.
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