Merchandise Description

SG single-screw plastic extruders gearbox series
Detailed introduction:
SG series single screw gearbox adopts various technical codes regulated by JB/T9 0571 .1-1999,the gear of gearbox adopts high rigidity alloy steel,with gear grinding processing through carburizing, quenching and other thermal treatment, precision of level 4-5, high gear precision, gear rigidness of HRC58-sixty two, and low transmission noise equipped with high bearing capacity thrust bearing, with reliable performance, can bear large axial thrust the internal part of gearbox can be selected according to the customer’s requirement, imported material is adopted, equipped with imported forced lubrication and cooling system at the same time, the gearbox has high transmission efficiency, low noise and long-term operation.

Model number Thrust spherical roller bearings maximum power The screw diameter Input shaft diameter Commonly used ratio
SG10 29415 seven.5KW thirty-forty 28 8:1  10:1  14:1  16:one
SG25 29417 11KW forty-fifty 32 8:1  10:1  14:1  16:1
SG35 29422 eighteen.5KW 50-65 forty 8:1  10:1  14:1  16:1  20:one
SG50 29424 30KW fifty five-70 forty five ten:1  14:1  16:1  20:one
SG65 29428 45KW sixty five-eighty 55 ten:1  14:1  16:1  20:one
SG90 29432 55KW 75-ninety sixty 10:1  14:1  16:1  20:1
SG120 29434 75KW 80-a hundred and ten sixty five 10:1  14:1  16:1  20:one
SG150 29436 85KW ninety-120 75 ten:1  14:1  16:1  20:1
SG180 29438 110KW 100-one hundred thirty 85 fourteen:1  16:1  20:1
SG210 29440 132KW a hundred-one hundred thirty 85 14:1  16:1  20:one
SG250 29448 185KW one hundred ten-one hundred forty eighty five 16:1  20:1
SG280 29452 200KW a hundred and twenty-a hundred and fifty ninety five sixteen:1  20:one

Gearboxes are mechanical products that help travel systems preserve optimum velocity and torque for applications. Also recognized as gearboxes and gear drives, they reduce the rotational speed of the enter shaft by a specified percentage and improve the energy shipped to the output shaft by the identical percentage. Ratio multipliers boost the deceleration and torque presented by the reducer by a particular ratio and are suited for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are components utilised with the reducer. They are typically used in programs the place the reducer is not right connected to the travel mechanism.
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