Product Description

3″ dual axis slewing travel for 2-6pcs PV photo voltaic tracker and 2-4m Dia. satellite receiver

Coresun CZPT Slewing drives consist of slewing bearing, worm shaft, housing, bearing, motor and so on. CZPT push the worm shaft, the outer ring of slewing bearing will rotate, the outer ring output the torque by means of flange whilst the internal ring of slewing bearing is mounted in housing.

The slewing generate can be CZPT ized to meet the particular prerequisite for new vitality and CZPT machinery software. Our creation are currently being selected by CZPT ers abroad and house with trustworthy quality and status.
Coresun CZPT slew drive is designed to manage radial or axial loads employing substantial rotational torque. Equipment for mining, design, metalworking and other purposes that demand unrelenting power combined with faultless precision use slewing engineering for basic safety and accuracy.

Horizontal installation

It is recommended to mount the slewing drives upside down on the azimuth axis in photo voltaic programs for much better protection and include defense for the elevation axis. For other purposes, the mounting instructions shall be dependent on the evaluation of the security level and it shall be much better for much better protection.

Vertical set up

It is advised to mount the slewing drives referring to hooked up drawing upside in photo voltaic applications for greater security. For other purposes, the mounting directions shall be dependent on the analysis of the defense degree and it shall be much better for much better safety.

Coresun CZPT gain

one) Genuine & legitimate experimental data
CoreSun guarantees to offer you the most exact info by experiment for ensuing the complex parameters meet        requirements

two)Cost-effective & useful production
From the CZPT er’s viewpoint, supplying the cost-powerful manufacturing.

three)Customzied Resolution
We style and make CZPT particular and CZPT -standard as CZPT ers’ requirement

4)Mutual respectable  & growth
The crucial to teamwork is respect for every single other. Widespread advancement with CZPT CZPT ers.



Spot of Origin


Brand name

Coresun CZPT


Dual Axis

IP Class


Output Torque


Tilting Minute Torque


Keeping Torque


Mounting Bolts


Output CZPT


Gear Ratio




3″ Slewing CZPT Production Photo

Coresun CZPT processes the Slewing CZPT CZPT metallographic testing to make sure the high quality of raw content and follows the standard inspection specification.

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It is sincerely searching ahead to cooperating with you for and offering you the greatest good quality solution & service with all of CZPT coronary heart!

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