Solution Description

X/B Collection CZPT Scenario Cycloid Pin Wheel DC 220V Gear CZPT Cycloidal Gearbox Reducer for CZPT ing Transportation

Rapid Details:

Variety: XB series Cycloidal Pin Wheel CZPT Reducer    

Input CZPT : one thousand-1500rmp   

Output CZPT : .3-280rpm

Certification: ISO9001 CE          

Ex CZPT :.09-132KW                  

Warranty: 1Years

Gearboxes go by several diverse names, such as equipment drives, pace reducers, gear reducers, speed reducers, and equipment motors. All terms are utilized interchangeably when referring to inline gear reducers. Our inventory consists of a extensive variety of gear reducers for higher velocity, large precision apps with input speeds up to 4000 RPM.
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