Solution Description

The transmission program adopts hardened-gear pace reducer&comma which has acompacted construction with decrease noise and increased transmission performance&time period
Composition of speed increasing gearbox
Spare parts of speed increasing gearbox case&comma support base&comma big gear&comma transmission axis&comma bevel wheel and lubrication system&period
Technical characteristics
one&comma technical parameter

Highest speed output ratio forty five&sol157&equals0&period2866 
Lowest speed output ratio sixty&sol157&rparx&lpar55&sol60&rpar&equals0&period3503
Motor power 4500kW
Motor speed one thousand&sol1300r&solmin
Substantial-speed output shaft speed 4019r&solmin 
Minimal-speed output ratio 3288r&solmin 
Gear meshed speed 77&period2m&sols
The backlash is less than &period36mm 

two&commaTechnical characteristics
Box is melt with thick steel with great quality to reach the intensity that the case required&period Case should take stress aging treatment before the produce to reach the stability that required&period of time
Big gears and gear shaft used carbon alloy steel forging blank&comma after roughing&comma workpiece need to take ultrasonic flaw detection process to quench&period In order to ensure the tooth surface with high hardness&comma tooth surface need to take carburizing and quenching treatment after semi-finishing &periodFine grind of tooth surface to insure the high accuracy&comma after finishing the production of gear&comma the balance test is needed&comma the experience speed is 1500r&solmin and the balance level is G2&period5&period 
Transmission shaft use the alloy steel forging blank&comma transmission shaft takes quenched to make sure the intensity and durableness&period After the semi- finishing&comma transmission need to grind to guarantee the accuracy of every workpiece&interval
When the assemble finished&comma the no-loading test should be keep 2-4hours&comma the speed is 1200r&solmin&comma the temperature of shaft should not exceed 60ºC&commathe work of gear should be smooth&comma no hitting noise and concussion&comma every joint surface should not have oil spill phenomenon&time period  

We are skilled transmission dealers and supply a wide assortment of transmissions, an essential portion of numerous push methods. Gearboxes can be employed to lessen or enhance speed, improve torque, reverse or alter the direction of a generate shaft. Gearboxes are also known as gear drives, velocity reducers, equipment motors, velocity reducers and gear reducers.
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