Item Description

We’re 1 of top makers in CZPT who are specialised in designing and manufacturing hydraulic slewing drives,  planetary gearboxesvacation gearbox and wheel gearbox, hydraulic winches
Our merchandise have been broadly employed in Offshore Application, CZPT Business, Fishing Tools, CZPT CZPT ry, 
Petroleum Market, Coal CZPT , Geological Prospection, CZPT Software, CZPT lurgical CZPT , CZPT Industry, 
as properly as CZPT al CZPT and other industries. 

Unique Features

one.compact, place-saving, two-or three-stage planetary gear style

two.strong bearing technique absorbing the forces exerted by the ring gear

three.simple mounting

4.built-in a number of-disk keeping brake

five.minimal-noise managing

six.extended servive daily life

seven.easy oil alter

Planetary Gearbox


.ninety eight

Housing substance


Equipment content


Floor hardness of gears

HRC58-sixty two

Enter / Output shaft content


Machining precision of gears

6 Quality

Lubricating oil

Artificial Grease

Warmth treatment


Brand of bearings


Model of oil seal


Sounds (MAX)

55-70 dB

Temp. increase (MAX)


Oil Temp. rise (MAX)





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