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We are a precision planetary reducer gearboxes manufacturer for electric motors ,electric device,electric equipment.We provide range CZPT created CZPT and gears for CZPT transmission via powder metallurgy process  .

Powder metallurgy (PM) is a phrase covering a wide assortment of ways in which resources or factors are created from steel powders. PM procedures can stay away from, or tremendously reduce, the need to have to use steel removal procedures, therefore substantially decreasing yield losses in manufacture and often ensuing in reduce fees.

The powder metallurgy push and sinter process typically is made up of 3 simple measures: powder blending (pulverisation), die compaction, and sintering. Compaction is normally carried out at room temperature, and the elevated-temperature procedure of sintering is generally performed at atmospheric strain and under very carefully controlled environment composition. Optional CZPT ary processing this sort of as coining or heat treatment often follows to get special qualities or increased precision.

Mixing of powders
This can frequently include the introduction of alloying additions in elemental powder sort or the incorporation of a pressing lubricant.

Forming of the combined powder into a compact
The dominant consolidation approach includes pressing in a rigid toolset, comprising a die, punches and, potentially, mandrels or main rods. However, there are numerous other consolidation processes that are utilized in area of interest programs.

Sintering of the compact to boost integrity and toughness
This process action requires heating of the substance, generally in a protecting ambiance, to a temperature that is beneath the melting position of the key constituent. In some instances, a minimal constituent can sort a liquid stage at sintering temperature such instances are explained as liquid period sintering. The mechanisms associated in solid section and liquid section sintering are talked about briefly in a later on part.

Secondary operations
The software of finishing procedures to the sintered component. In the Powder CZPT lurgy sector, this sort of processes are often referred to as CZPT ary functions.

Powder metallurgy (PM)Common workpiece materials 

Workpiece material Density (grams/cc) Yield energy (psi) Tensile power (psi) Hardness (HRC)
Iron five.2 to 7. five.1*103 to 2.3*tenfour seven.3*103 to 2.9*10four forty to 70
Reduced alloy steel 6.3 to 7.4 one.5*10four to 2.9*10four 2.00*tenfour to 4.4*10four sixty to one hundred
Alloyed metal 6.8 to 7.4 2.6*104 to 8.4*ten4 2.9*ten4 to 9.4*tenfour sixty and up
Stainless steel six.3 to 7.6 three.6*ten4 to 7.3*tenfour 4.4*10four to 8.7*tenfour sixty and up
Bronze 5.5 to 7.five 1.1*10four to 2.9*ten4 one.5*ten4 to 4.4*tenfour 50 to 70
Brass 7. to 7.9 one.1*104 to 2.9*104 one.6*10four to 3.5*ten4 sixty


Item name Powder metallurgy precision planetary gearboxes for devices
substance steel alloy, Iron , stainless steel , brass 
approach Metallic injection molding , powder metallurgy
Floor therapy Sharpening , plating ,sand blasting , PVD , coating
Tolerance ±0.3%
Drawing format DWG ,IGS , STP
Delivery time  30 days for mass manufacturing

Gearbox dimension: 4mm , 6mm , 8mm , 12mm , 18mm , 22mm , 28mm 
DC gear motor : 3V , 12V , 24V
Micor CZPT

Sintered metal gearbox factory 


Gearboxes go by several diverse names, which includes equipment drives, velocity reducers, gear reducers, speed reducers, and equipment motors. All terms are utilised interchangeably when referring to inline gear reducers. Our inventory involves a broad variety of equipment reducers for substantial velocity, large precision applications with enter speeds up to 4000 RPM.
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