Merchandise Description

Cycloidal Planetary Equipment CZPT Reducer Gearbox with CZPT Reduction CZPT CZPT Pin Wheel Double Shaft CZPT CZPT Skilled Bw Bwd Bl Bld Bwe Sequence

Cycloidal positive aspects above other designs of gearing

Able of handling greater “shock” masses (>500%) of rating when compared to worm, CZPT cal, etc.

Substantial reduction ratios and torque density in a compact dimensional footprint

Excellent “built-in” overhung load carrying ability

High performance (>95%) for every reduction stage

Small mirrored inertia to motor for CZPT er provider lifestyle

Just ridiculously rugged as all get-out

The overall CZPT -Electricity design proves to be incredibly sturdy, and it needs minimal servicing pursuing installation. The CZPT -Energy is the most reliable reducer in the industrial marketplace, and it is a perfect match for apps in large business this sort of as oil & fuel, principal and CZPT ary steel processing, industrial foodstuff manufacturing, steel reducing and forming machinery, wastewater remedy, extrusion tools, between other folks.



Under is a record of our at the moment available industrial gearboxes. If you can not discover what you are looking for, please speak to the factory for a lot more alternatives. At EP, we are continually building new items and retrofitting aged ones to fulfill customer demands.
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